Call your local radio stations and ask them to listen to

  • Do you know the 3 easy and quick tests that will help you determine if someone has had a stroke?
  • Will you remember those 3 tests in an emergency in a few years?
  • When you hear SMILE-The Stroke Song you won’t forget 20 years later.
  • Sooner or later, someone close to you will have a stroke.

Will you be ready?

Non-911 countries
to Listen






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Why is the baby laughing in the end?
Can a person without medical training recognize a stroke?
What are the 3 tests?
Why is it important to quickly recognize a stroke?
How much damage does a stroke cause each minute?
How many people have a stroke each year?
Why do we need to hear SMILE-The Stroke Song?
What about countries that don’t use the 911 emergency system ?
My group wants to sing or record SMILE, what are the restrictions?
What does MountainWings earn from SMILE?
How can I help get SMILE-The Stroke Song heard and save lives?
Will these 3 tests diagnose all strokes?
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